Limner #4

A focus on Gesture

Larry's Warren by Michael Crowe, illustrated by Mike Redmond & Faye Coral Johnson.

Bruce McLean interviewed by Elizabeth Holdsworth.

The Winter's Tale by Miriam Elgon.

Towards a Phenomenology of Gesture by Nancy Ann Roth, illustrated by Margaux Soland.

Photographs by Florence Shaw.

AIDS, Art & Activism: New York 1979 - 1989 by Tommaso Speretta.

Mirror by Wai Wai Pang.

Accessories by Caz Slattery.

Who owns a gesture? by Peter Willis.

The Cyborg Manifesto by Rosie Eveleigh.

Tombosensei by Tadashi Ueda.

138 pages + poster & postcard, risograph printed in 3 colours, PUR bound w/tape cloth, 19.5cm x 27cm

£10 from here.

Limner #3

A focus on Self-Authored Work

Mike Redmond
Chris Harnan
Jean Jullien
Mrzyk & Moriceau
Sam Rees
Will Edmonds
Jay Cover
Tom Harrad
Grace Helmer & Charlotte Mei Jones
Rosie Eveleigh & Dr. Malte Opperman
Zoë Taylor
Romy Blümel
Sinead Evans
Aidan Koch
Peter Nencini
Simon Vaeth
Miriam Elgon
Evan Meister
Billie Muraben
Stina Löfgren
Mari Kanstad Johnsen
Florence Shaw
Charlie Cameron
Peter Rhodes

90 pages + 20 page tip-in, b & w/ spot-colour cover + full colour section, offset litho printed, 28cm x 21cm, staple-bound

£5 from here.

Limner #2

Jordan Chatwin
Blaise Larmee
Colin David Stewart
Peter Willis
Penny Klein
Murray O'Grady
Stine Belden Røed
Grace Helmer
Jay Cover
Holly Mills
Reena Makwana
Kai Nodland
Reuben Mwaura & Joe Kessler
Liv Taylor
Eric Timothy Carlson
Charlotte Mei
Umberto Eco
Ella McLean
Florence Shaw
Hayley English
Nick White
Alice Lindsay
Matthew Walkerdine & Jessica Higgins
Joakim Ojanen
Mike Redmond & Jon Pilkington
Chie Miyazaki
Lisa Wilkens
Rose Blake
Megan Woof
Dan Shapiro
Isabella Toledo

168 pages, full colour offset litho, 12cm x 17cm, open-sewn book

£5 from here.


Limner journal is a critical journal of illustration and visual communication. It is published by Studio Operative, and edited by Alice Lindsay and Peter Willis. Additional editors are Sinead Evans, Miriam Elgon, Rosie Eveleigh and Florence Shaw. Limner is distributed in the United Kingdom and Europe by Antenne Books and Motto Distribution.